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Farm & Estate Mortgages

Farming isn't easy and finding good finance can be tough; especially now as increasing inflation rates add to the complexity of forecasting and planning.

But as farms continue producing, the need for finance and refinance is still required... and we're still doing our bit to help.

You need to find a lender who supports your plans.

Not only that, you need to find the best interest rates and terms with minimal restrictions to build a solid foundation for your business and your family's future.

It all begins with good advice and support.

From finding out you have an opportunity for funding right through to the release of your mortgage, we personally shepherd you through the process.

We work hard to get you the most competitive rates, margins, fees and terms among our network of over 30 lenders.

Just because one bank says 'yes', it doesn't make it the best deal for you – we help you find the best combination for you and don't rest until we've secured you a successful completion.

Typical farm mortgage terms

  • Terms up to 40 years
  • Fixed interest rates up to 25 years
  • Interest-only periods for new projects
  • Reduced lending covenants and restrictions
  • Loan repayments tailored to suit your cash flow
  • Combined business and household income considered
  • Lump sum reductions with no or minimal early repayment penalty
  • Up to 70% loan to value (LTV); 100% mortgage considered with further owned property

Projects helped

  • Renegotiating loans when banking relationships or policies change
  • Buying a farm, land, buildings and other property
  • Converting buildings for business and housing
  • Diversification and enterprise expansion
  • Buying out partners or family members
  • Restructuring overdrafts
  • Tenant purchases
  • Bridging loans
  • Tax bills

Talking to a specialist at the start of a project gives the best chance of success.

We’d love you to tell us about your plans and help if we can.

Call or email to get things moving...

Five steps to successful funding

1. Establish lending likelihood

What are your plans, what's your current situation? Talk to us about them on the phone or we can visit you - no cost and no commitment.

[If you decide to go-it-alone without specialist help we recommend arming yourself with the latest copy of the John Nix Pocketbook for Farm Management - £32.50 inc P&P.]

We'll tell you if you could get a lending offer, or if you require more guidance to ensure your plan is viable before approaching lenders.

2. Detailed fact finding

Compiling supporting information to prepare a convincing lending proposal for lenders.

  • Relevant background and experience
  • Details of the property to be put up as security
  • How much you'd like to borrow and the purpose
  • Details of existing properties and any borrowing
  • 6 months personal and business bank statements
  • 3 years certified accounts for your existing business
  • Business plan and forecasts for your new enterprise
  • Personal income and expenditure – inc. evidence of salaried income
3. Creating a strong proposal

We build your Business Lending Proposal to give to the right lenders explaining how you’ll use the proposed funding to achieve your business objectives, in language and terms the lenders understand – increasing the likelihood of getting a ‘yes’.

4. Offers and negotiation

Once agreed by lenders, we set out your offers and options, highlighting and explaining any subtle differences - a decision isn’t always based on price.

5. Acceptance and completion

Once you've accepted an offer, we're happy to assist with valuers, solicitors, lenders and any other relevant parties; importantly, we keep communicating with you and your lender to make sure you get your money as quickly as possible.

We don't rest until you're settled in.