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Rural Business Mortgages

You might already be running a land-based business in the countryside or you might be looking to move to run a new rural business. There’s lots of options in tourism, leisure and recreation.

Unfortunately, businesses that need land can be a stumbling block to securing finance. They don’t conform to many lenders’ policies; or the lenders can’t see what it is you want to achieve. We can.

We like to meet with you to discuss your plans and finance needs.  We then prepare appropriate lending proposals for the best lenders to give you the greatest chances of success. We guide you through the mortgage process, negotiate the lenders’ rates, fees and terms on your behalf and work with your land agents and solicitors too, so you get positive results quickly.

Typical rural business mortgage terms

  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Fixed interest rates for up to 25 years
  • Bank base rate tracker variable interest rates
  • Combined business and other income considered
  • Interest-only periods for start-up businesses or new enterprises
  • Lump sum reductions with no or minimal early repayment penalties
  • Up to 70% loan to value (LTV); 100% mortgage considered with further owned property

Projects helped

  • Buying land, property or business with land and/or buildings, including agricultural or equestrian tied properties
  • Remortgaging or consolidating debt to allow the business to develop
  • Renegotiating loans when banking relationships or policies change
  • Converting or improving existing housing, buildings or facilities
  • Buying out business partners or family splits
  • Building a house or new building on site
  • Bridging loans

We've helped many types businesses get finance

Holiday enterprises

  • Holiday cottages and complexes
  • Caravan sites and park homes
  • Glamping and log cabins

Recreation enterprises

  • Farm parks, play parks and visitor attractions
  • Farm shops, cafes and restaurants
  • Outdoor activity pursuits
  • Fishing lakes
  • Marinas

Horticultural businesses

  • Garden centres
  • Vineyards
  • Nurseries
  • Forestry

Along with kennels, catteries and many more.

Talking to a specialist at the start of any project gives you the best chance of success.

We’d love you to tell us about your plans and help if we can.

Call or email to get things moving...

Five steps to successful funding

Whether you're running a rural business already, or are thinking of starting a new business or enterprise, a few key points to getting the finance you require:

  1. Plan ahead
    The earlier you start planning the better. Saving up for a deposit if you're buying a property (you’ll generally need a minimum of 30-40% to satisfy lenders) can take time, as can finding finance for developing an established business.
  2. Get advice
    Speak to family, friends or neighbours with experience in the same business as sounding boards for your plans. A professional consultant can bring specialist knowledge to your business and prevent mistakes.
  3. Have a business plan
    A business plan is crucial to help you earn the trust of lenders.
  4. Prepare accounts or financial projections
    Banks will want to see three years of accounts for established businesses, while a start-up business will have to present a set of realistic cash flows with assumptions for three years. This helps a lender understand how much borrowing your business can afford. We have cashflow templates and a mortgage calculator to help you. Using comparable evidence of neighbouring properties is necessary too.
  5. Choose the right lenders for your enterprise
    Different banks and lenders have different appetites for different sectors and business circumstances. Going to the right lenders with the right business plan and financial information at the start can save you time, stress and money…