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Agricultural mortgage specialists

Finding a mortgage on the best terms can be tough - we can help you.

Strong ties with 30+ specialist banks and lenders along with expertise in presenting lending proposals in the best way, enable us to get you the best mortgages - many that aren't available on the high street.

Whether you have an unusual or usual lending proposal, or have been turned down elsewhere - please get in touch - there's a very good chance we can help you find better options or help when others can't.

Saving you time, money and stress in finding the right funding and making your business plan a reality is all part of the service.


    We're often asked if we can find mortgages in complex scenarios - yes we can - a recent success story to illustrate:

    • A family-run mixed farming and business 'group' consisting of multiple businesses of different types and structures (trusts, limited companies and partnerships) with a total asset base of £100m and 7 figure annual turnover.
    • Looking for £30m borrowing to restructure existing bank lending and for growth (property purchase and new technology investment) as banks were making it difficult to borrow more.
    • Security of mixed types - commercial, farming and residential.
    • Split banking through a combination of high street, private bank and asset finance lenders, as these offered the most suitable terms.

    And no, it's not gone to our heads - while we help fund large requirements, we're just as happy helping find the best, smaller, 25-year repayment mortgage for you.

    3 things set R&BS apart

    Relationships  with 30+ specialist banks and lenders means we find mortgages on great terms where others fail.

    Understanding  both field and finance means you won't have to explain your business to us.

    Independent - not being tied to a single bank or lender means clients are our sole priority.

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