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Farm & finance · News & views

Farm finance - outlook for 2024

We asked the team what they see happening to farming and banking in '24, and how that could affect the agricultural lending market.

A view from the field

Six months in to his role as Consultant in the Midlands, we caught up with Paul Simon to find out what he has been doing, and to ask his views on the farm mortgage market.

Paul joined us in July having spent the last 16 years working as an agricultural relationship manager for Lloyds Bank.

How can you get the best mortgage deal now

With mortgage rates still higher than they have been for over 15 years how can those buying land, looking to diversify or refinance make sure they are getting the best deal?

We give some tips on what to consider when talking to banks or lenders.

Agricultural lending - market is positive

The banks and lenders we work with continue to agree lending proposals. Pricing has risen due to bank base rate, but margins have remained as they were and have perhaps improved.

Read our view on the positive market, and the considerations before fixing your interest rates. 

Getting a mortgage to buy land - what to consider

We look at the deposit you’ll need and how a bank or lender would assess your ability to repay the loan.

Plus, how the type of property and what you intend on doing on the land can affect the mortgage you could get. 

Farm Finance - outlook for 2022

We asked the team what they see happening to farming and banking in '22, and how that could affect the agricultural lending market.

Mortgage application declined by your bank?

We've never seen so much variance in lender responses to farm mortgage proposals. More farmers are having lending requests declined by their existing bank. 

We explain the reasons why and show how you can be successful at getting the funding you need.

Getting a mortgage for a property with an agricultural tie

You’ve found the perfect property, but when you get into the detail you find the property has an agricultural tie.

What is an agricultural tie, how will it affect your chances of getting a mortgage and how can you get a mortgage?

Where next for farm and rural lending?

Coronavirus and Government-backed loan schemes have brought into focus the number and diversity of lenders. 

With tighter lending policies and reduced access to bank managers too, Rob Lister looks at what will be important for farms and rural businesses looking for finance.

Farming cashflow – preparing to take the strain

Graham Sanders looks at how weather and disease has affected the key farming sectors this year.

He also looks at what action farmers and diversified businesses should take now to prepare for cashflow pressures.

Funding a rural start-up business

If you’re thinking about moving to the countryside to start a business, there may never be a better time.

We show you what to consider and where to look for finance to help turn your dreams into reality.

How to fund building an agricultural dwelling

Many farms are looking to build new homes for succession planning, separation, divorce or other reasons.

Funding such a build, particularly as the property may have an agricultural tie, comes with challenges that many see as unsurmountable. But they needn’t be if approached correctly.