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Bank base rate - shocks, slack and sterling

Despite the Bank of England base rate remaining at 0.5% for 6 years – and the forecast to stay low for a considerable time to come - you'd think there was little to talk about. But, on the contrary, there have been some interesting talking points recently.

Hedging your farm's Basic Payment Scheme payment

With so many variable factors impacting farm fortunes, it’s critical for a business to budget ahead and to make sure, where they can, they have a stable income. We look at why hedging your BPS payments could help farm businesses.

What to consider when negotiating a farm or rural mortgage

Every client will have different priorities when it comes to reviewing your finances. But the same basic rules will apply to all cases. Here we list them and explain how we can help you.

    Now is a good time to review your farm and rural business finances

    With bank margins improving now is a good time for all farm and rural businesses to review their finances, and check to see if their historical arrangements are still the best for the business.

    Bank base rate rise - the moveable feast

    No sooner does an interest rise come into sight, it moves again as unpredictable forces come to light. We are experiencing interesting times, so it is essential that any business is on its best possible financial footing.